Piper Class Yacht RUADH

Recently we've been working on the restoration of RUADH, a lovely David Boyd Piper class 24 foot yacht/dayboat. She is one of the last 2 of the class built.

The original bulkheads were in very poor condition - they were delaminated and the polyester/fibre glass bonding had failed. The bulkheads were cut out and used as templates to cut replacements in 12mm marine ply. The new bulkheads were incapsulated in epoxy and bonded into position with epoxy and glass tape.
The softwood floor beams were also deteriorating so the opportunity was taken to replace these in hardwood, again bonded into position with epoxy.
Whilst the bulkheads are out it was much easier to access the remoter parts of the hull so these were repainted before the new bulkheads went in.
Once the bulkheads and beams were in place the complete inside of the hull was repainted.
RUADH has a teak mainsheet beam and sliding seat for the helm, these were taken down to bare wood and re-varnished.
The next step is for the topsides to be refinished by a vehicle spraying specialist which will give a lovely finish.
On the Useful Links page there are sources of more information about the Piper Class.

Prospector Open Canoe GM70

GM 70 is a SFD Prospector 15'8" open canoe built as a commission project. GM 70 was built as a gift for my client's father's  70th birthday. GM 70 first took to the water on Loch Insh for a 4 day trip down the Spey, all the way to the sea at Spey Bay. 
Canoe GM 70 - Overwater BoatsCanoe - GM 70 on the River Spey - Overwater BoatsCanoe - GM 70 at Spey Bay - Overwater Boats
GM 70 is built in 4mm okume marine ply with meranti gunwales, seats and thwarts. The hull is fully encapsulated in glass fabric inside and out. The seats are set for tandem paddling with a kneeling thwart for solo paddling and a shaped carrying yoke.

GM 70 on the River Spey

Rapide Racing Kayaks

West Cumbria Canoe Club has a fleet of 4 Rapide K1 racing kayaks, 3 of these were damaged in the November 2009 floods which caused so much devastation in Keswick, Cockermouth and Workington.
Rapide Racing Kayak on Derwentwater - Overwater BoatsRapide Racing Kayak on Derwentwater - Overwater BoatsRapide Racing Kayaks - Overwater Boats
Repairs were carried to holed hulls, split seams and damaged decks. All 3 boats were re-seamed externally.
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