Paddle Making

Paddle Making Courses 2016:

Make your own paddle in 2 days:

A two day course using traditional and modern hand and power tools to make a paddle from a single piece of timber or a laminated timber blank. On day one we will select paddle designs and glue up the laminations (if required) for your paddle blank, this is set aside to dry whilst we practice using the tools. The course will cover the selection of suitable adhesives - if time permits we will look at the use of epoxy/glass reinforcing. Over the two days we will learn a wide range new skills as we create a unique paddle to take home.

Paddle Making Course 1 - Laminating blade - Overwater BoatsPaddle Making Course - Finished Blade - Overwater BoatsPaddle Making Course 3 - Finished Paddles - Overwater Boats

We have a wide range of paddle designs available for you to make, and will help you choose the design best suited to your needs. 

A maximum of 5 participants on each course ensures everyone gets plenty of the instructors time. Materials, tools and safety equipment are all included in the price. You'll learn lots of new skills over the 2 days and leave the course with a hand crafted paddle you can be really proud of. No previous experience is needed - over the 2 days there is plenty of time to learn and practice the techniques required.

You can make either a single bladed canoe paddle or a Greenland style kayak paddle on our 2 day paddle making courses. Cost £175 for a single bladed canoe paddle or £185 for a Greenland style kayak paddle, prices include materials and tuition.

Paddle Making Course Dates for 2016 are listed on the Course Dates page - you can also open a .pdf file with all our course dates and brief descriptions of each course.

On the Facebook Page you can view photos of paddles being made: from a single piece timber blank; from a laminated blank; and a Greenland Style paddle (you don't need to be signed up to Facebook to view these).

For more information and course bookings please contact Mark Aplin:
    Telephone: 07966 631 335
    Or use the Contact Us form