Canoe Building

Canoe Building Courses 2016:

Canoe Building Course - Scarf Jointing Panels - Overwater BoatsCanoe Building Course - Hull Stitched and GluedCanoe Building Course - Launching into the Ice on Derwentwater - Overwater Boats

Build your own wooden canoe in 6 days:

This might seem like a daunting prospect - but with enthusiasm and some expert help this is achievable and a great experience - you will finish the course with a lovely canoe which you can be really proud of. We've selected what we believe is one of the best available canoe designs - the Selway Fisher Prospector - for our courses, this is a really capable boat for tandem and solo paddling on lakes and moving water. We build our canoes with five planks each side which gives them a well rounded shape reflecting the tradition and heritage embodied in the design. Top quality materials are used: marine plywood, hardwood, epoxy resin, and stainless steel for fixings.

No previous experience necessary: 

As you progress through the build we'll teach you everything you need to know to build your own canoe. You are welcome to build a canoe on your own, and we also find that this course works really well if you bring a friend along to share the workload. We restrict our courses to a maximum of 4 boats per course to ensure everyone gets plenty of the instructors time. Many stages of the build are a team effort - sometimes you'll find yourself working on other people's boats and you'll always have plenty of extra hands around when you need them. Getting to work with a team of like minded people towards a common goal is one of the great things about coming on a canoe building course. 

Canoe Building Courses run over 6 days usually starting on Saturday and finishing on Thursday. We hold a welcome meeting and a brief introduction on the Friday evening - this will be timed to ensure everyone can make it.

Our August course is tailored to suit family groups - this course makes a great family holiday - and you'll be able to have many more fantastic adventures in your canoe! Please contact us to discuss how we can ensure the course will work for you - Mark has lots of experience of working with children and adults.

Cost £1,000.00 per canoe including materials and tuition – no extra charge for two people to build one boat.

We are happy to add extra dates for this course and to vary the programme - for example the build could be split over three 2 day blocks. If you'd like to build a different design please get in touch and we'll do our best to meet your needs.

On the Projects page there is a video of one of our canoes on Blacksboat Rapid on the River Spey.

On the Facebook page you can view photos of our April 2012 Canoe Building Course (you don't need to be signed up to Facebook to view these).

Canoe Building Courses scheduled for 2016 are listed on the Course Dates page.

If you'd like to visit the workshop and/or try out one of our open canoes please get in touch.

For more information and course bookings please contact Mark Aplin:
    Telephone: 07966 631 335
    Or use the Contact Us form