Boat Building Courses

We run a range of boat building courses including:

Canoe Building

Coracle Building

Paddle Making

Sea Kayak Building

To receive our newsletter and details of future courses please Contact Us. Course dates for 2015 are on the Course Dates page.

Canoe Building Courses:

Come on one of our canoe building courses and build your own strong, beautiful and lightweight open canoe. We use some of the best available open canoe designs to build boats which are great to paddle on your own or with a friend, on lakes, rivers and moving water.
Canoe Building Course - Overwater BoatsCanoe Building Course - Glassing the Hull - Overwater BoatsCanoe Building Course - Nearly Finished - Overwater Boats
Visit the Canoe Building Courses page for more details.

Coracle Building Courses:

Coracles are fun and simple to build - on your own, with a friend, or as a group/team activity, our courses take advantage of this ~ running over 2 days or a weekend you will be able to take your coracle home with you at the end of the course.
Coracle Building Course - Finished Frame - Overwater BoatsCoracle Building Course - Finished Coracle - Overwater BoatsCoracle Building Course - Finished Coracle on Bassenthwaite Lake - Overwater Boats
            Photos show a wickerwork coracle built with 1st Keswick Scouts - covered with a tarp for speed!
Visit the Coracle Building Courses page for more details.

Paddle Making:

A two day course learning all the skills needed to make your own making single bladed canoe paddle, or a Greenland Style sea kayak paddle - have a look at the Paddle Making Courses page for more information.

Sea Kayak Building:

A new course in 2012 - have a look at the Sea Kayak Building Course page for more information.
For more information and course bookings please contact Mark Aplin:
    Telephone: 07966 631 335
    Or use the Contact Us form